Over 1,500 s’mores roasted last year. That’s pretty rad.

New Ebenezer Retreat invites students fourth through eighth grade and their teachers to discover, learn, and engage during an Ebenezer ALIVE! trip. This experience focuses on heritage and history, character education, and natural/environmental sciences.

We partner with schools August to May to teach lifelong skills during an Ebenezer ALIVE! trip. Each school group works with our coordinator to create a customized schedule designed to provide days of unique opportunities.

Activities Offered

“Outdoor Discovery in Our Backyard”

  • Archaeology
  • Archery
  • Basic Guitar
  • Basic Juggling
  • Beach Treasures
  • Bee Excited!
  • Earth: Soil Science
  • Folk-Arts
  • Nature Trail
  • Puddle Shuttle
  • Team Building
  • “The Survivor”
  • Water Quality
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife

For more information and scheduling, contact Beth Epling, Education Coordinator, at (912) 754-9242 or at [email protected]