WELCOME to Our Peaceful Haven!

Since 1977, The New Ebenezer Family Retreat and Conference Center has welcomed many guests and visitors into our fold. Situated on a peaceful tract of land amidst whispering pines and sparkling waters, New Ebenezer is a non-profit retreat facility that provides comfortable accommodations for our guests, an expansive conference facility, and heartfelt hospitality in the remote and beautiful setting of coastal Georgia near Historic Savannah, Georgia.

Founded on Christian principles, ours is an ecumenical retreat center that’s become a welcoming haven for those seeking personal growth, quiet time, meditation and relaxation.

At New Ebenezer, we embrace all that is good in life, and invite you to be our guest. Our unspoiled corner of the Earth is situated on the banks of the Savannah River, where you can renew meaningful relationships, and establish new ones with other guests, families and conference attendees. Our abundance of beautiful & private areas on the property inspires one’s inspiration for personal reflection and renewal.

Come join us to calm your spirit and soothe your soul – as we explore, learn, play, reflect, worship, rest, and renew.


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Our rural setting and quiet environment lends itself to times of rest and contemplation.

The New Ebenezer Family & Retreat Center is staffed with a full time Director and Education Coordinator, and staff members for our office, housekeeping, kitchen and food preparation, and property maintenance. We also have a volunteer board of directors consisting of 13 members.



The purpose of this ministry shall be to strengthen the family, to encourage wholesome recreation in an unspoiled environment, to provide a positive setting for learning and growth, and to empower individuals, couples, families and groups to experience renewal with each other, and with God.

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Family Reunions

Families have gathered at our haven-in-the-woods since 1977.

For over 40 years, New Ebenezer Retreat has welcomed families to bond, reunite and rejuvenate their spirit on our peaceful tract of land situated in Rincon, Georgia. You and yours can soothe your soul here – amidst natural surroundings – and we welcome all in to our fold.

Founded on Christian principles, our non-profit retreat and ministry offers charming guest-cabin accommodations, a modern conference and gatherings’ facility, and wholesome meals – it’s an all around pleasant place to stay!

Here, your family can re-establish spiritual bonding together, and rejuvenate!

New Ebenezer Retreat has become known as a welcoming haven. All who come here enjoy our down-to-earth and heartfelt hospitality, and many of our guests return on a regular basis. For all who seek quiet time, bonding, spiritual and personal growth, meditation and relaxation – our sanctuary amidst the woods is the place to be.

We are dedicated to inspiring your family’s bonding, personal reflection, and renewal. We have an abundance of beautiful & private enclaves on our property to enjoy.

Our tranquil retreat center is situated in the woods on the banks of the Savannah River – and a place where you can renew meaningful relationships, and even establish new ones with other guests and families.

Here, we embrace all that is good in life, and invite you to be our guests. Come with your family to our peaceful retreat to share experiences together. You will leave renewed, refreshed and spiritually energized!

For more information please visit our Facilities tab. And, you may Contact Us to plan your family’s special retreat. Remember to make your reservations early, to secure the dates you desire!

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Ebenezer ALIVE!

WOW! Another exciting year is underway at Ebenezer ALIVE! From September thru May, Many school groups from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina have learned “lifelong skills” during the Ebenezer ALIVE! Education Program.
The New Ebenezer Retreat Center Staff is excited about the new program opportunities for the school groups. The EA Staff continually strives to not only maintain our excellent program at high standards but to improve and move forward.


(Note: The amenities and activities in this video are specific to Ebenezer Alive! only.) 

Ebenezer ALIVE! Education Program, an extension of the classroom, is a “hands-on” enriching educational program for students fourth grade and up that will make an impact not only on the lives of the students, but on the teachers and leaders as well.

While our staff and program facilitators are responsible for teaching and guiding the students through classes/tours, supervision and participation from teachers and/or parents is required.

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Each school group has a customized program that is designed to provide many opportunities during 3 days-2 nights or longer, which includes:

History/Heritage: Experience life in colonial Georgia! Learn about American Revolution and folk-life skills though its music, costumed storytellers, archeological digs, artifacts’ education, Indian lore, and a troop encampment.

Character Education: Development of character traits such as: The Creator; family; respect for self and others; manners; our environment; citizenship; our great nation.

Nature/Environmental Sciences: Appreciate the Earth, ocean ecology, walking nature trails through the forest, farmland and wetlands, water quality, fishing in a pond, and understanding Wildlife.

Our Program Objectives:

  • Develop knowledge and appreciation for U. S. History.
  • Increase knowledge and appreciation for the natural environment.
  • Provide experiences in the development of positive character traits.
  • Expand and positively support schools as a classroom extension by providing “hands-on” experiences in a natural setting for learning and growth.
  • Develop positive relationships between teachers, students, and families.
  • Encourage wholesome recreation in an unspoiled environment.

Cost: Per person includes: lodging, meals, instruction, and educational packet. Side trips offsite from the New Ebenezer Retreat will pose additional costs. Your group is required to provide transportation to off-center site activities.

Please call for reservations as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to your school group “Discovering the Joy and Excitement of Learning” by participating in our Ebenezer ALIVE! Education Program.

Contact: Beth Epling, Education Coordinator at (912) 754-9242; fax (912) 754-7781; Email: [email protected]

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Group Event Photos


Our facility provides a variety of meeting spaces to accommodate your groups needs. Church retreats, summer camps, corporate training and meetings, awards & recognition banquets, family reunions, weddings, birthday parties and other events.



Here, you can gather together for an unforgettable experience!

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Our spacious and modern conference center – featuring our “great hall”, and various classroom settings throughout our facility – provides the perfect location for any group’s gatherings. . Meals are also available as a part of our all-inclusive group events.  Our staff can assist you in planning the following:

  • Trips to historic Savannah Georgia
  • The New Ebenezer Handbell Festivals
  • The Georgia Salzburger Society Museum – established in 1925
  • Early Colonial Days Educational Tours
  • Jerusalem Lutheran Church – built in 1769
  • Servant Work Camp Program

Come to our peaceful retreat to share and experience together. You will leave renewed, refreshed and spiritually energized!


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Make a Donation

New Ebenezer Retreat and Conference Center for Today and for Future Generations!!!

Each year thousands of men, women and young people come to New Ebenezer Retreat Center to enjoy the serene natural setting. It is truly a hidden gem of Effingham County that we desire to maintain and preserve for many years ahead.  We are located on the historical banks of the Savannah River where many years ago the first Salzburger landed. This rich heritage and history is part of our story.

Our education staff strives to instill this knowledge in the minds of all the young people and adults that come through our Ebenezer ALIVE! Education Program.

Our guests enjoy being at a place of peace, tranquility and freedom from distractions of everyday life.

A place to center oneself …… A place of laughter and joy with the family……. A place to celebrate……..

A place to gather together……. A place to be still and listen!

Please join our mission to always keep New Ebenezer Retreat & Conference Center thriving!

By giving a gift donation you will be part of our team effort that will insure the preservation of our programs, facility, and our hope for all to enjoy in the future!


Mission Statement

The purpose of this ministry shall be

To strengthen the family,

To encourage wholesome recreation in an unspoiled environment

To provide a positive setting for learning and growth, and

To empower individuals, couples, families and groups to experience renewal

With each other and with God


New Ebenezer Retreat & Conference Center

Non- Profit Organization